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The AL-Tax Center is founded to be near young economists and fiscal experts, but either to people who need an advice or protection from abuse of law when they need about. The important, is not to be afraid of that we expect, but to be in front of the problem.

We present Albanian’s independent micro economic and fiscal research center, and as commentators on the public finances, tax and welfare policy, tax law, education, inequality and poverty, pensions, productivity and innovation, consumer behavior and the evaluation of policies designed to promote development in Albania and regional countries.

The qualities of our work try to reflect the quality of our people. As well as our staff, we are proud of our network of collaborators around the world, many of whom have taken the skills into high-profile roles in the media, politics, the civil service, institutions, the voluntary sector and the private sector.

We know how to solve your problem. We know how to pass the obstacles with you …and is not a quote but you can see it …and we can prove it. Our business plans for your activity, our help in your business decision and ideas, and our preparation to help for your security in your work is in front of you.

AL-Tax Studio?

AL-Tax Studio is part of AL-Tax Association. AL-Tax has a full service Fiscal and Accounting network in Albania and is located in Tirana, with an experience more than ten years.

We present a fiscal prepared staff and with a lot of experience in regard of tax office relation. On the other hand we cooperate with other tax studios here in Albania, and in England, Switzerland, Italy and Kosovo. Our services communication and presentation can be in Albanian, English and Italian languages too.

AL-Tax Studio offers mid-sized and big companies in the Albania area a simplified approach to managing and analyzing critical financial information. We are experts at fiscal & accounting services, and can help with everything from day-to-day bookkeeping to producing clear and accurate financial information. We are also experts at business financial processes and routinely assist with improving efficiencies in the accounting and finance area.


The activities of the Association may include:

  • holding meetings of technical and administrative personnel for the exchange of ideas and experiences;
  • organizing seminars, workshops and training courses o­n aspects of tax administration; collecting, analyzing and disseminating information o­n tax policies and business community;
  • providing directly or, collaborating with, and generally facilitating, the work of bilateral and multilateral agencies providing technical assistance and research facilities in the field of tax administration;
  • generally carrying out functions related to the overall improvement of the capabilities of tax administrations through functional co-operation between and among Albanian areas.


The Albanian Taxation Association (AL-Tax) was established in 1999 with its headquarters in the Albania. It is non-governmental organization dealing with fiscal and economic matters.

AL-Tax helps members of Albanian society through training programmes, technical conferences and knowledge sharing to develop effective tax ideas and issues that promote sustainable development and good governance over the long-term.

The mission of the Association is to promote, cooperate with other interest groups for the improvement of relationship between tax administration and business community in all its aspects within the Albania area and regional area.The Association is open to individuals and corporations alike. In addition to the right to register for the AL-Tax events and publications at a reduced rate, partners receive free of charge the annually publication and the Events Invitation Programme.

Corporate members may send two delegates to the annual Meeting and are consequently supplied with two seats and two Invitation Programmes. As an extra service, online versions of the AL-Tax as from 2005 have been made available on the website of AL-Tax Organization, Albanian Taxation Association in Tirana. Accessible to AL-Tax members only are the Publications,

Applications for membership from cities and countries where there is no AL-Tax Branch should be made to the mail address accompanied by a recommendation from two members of the Association. The Secretariat coordinates the Association’s administrative and scientific activities. Among other conditions, more than twenty members are required for the establishment of a new Branch.

For further information, please send an e-mail

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